It just occurred to me today that my workouts this week have been heavily speed-based. And I like it. After being the injured kid for almost two years (with one ailment or another or a bad attitude due to the first) it’s pretty sweet to actually be able to challenge myself instead of just try to “get through” a workout.

Post-half workouts:
Sunday was not about speed and my legs didn’t care – they weren’t interested in doing much of anything. Goal: 2.5 hours. Accomplished: 5 miles.

Better than nothing and definitely more than I would have pushed myself to do normally. And I hurt worse after that then the race! (May have had something to do with the dancing that evening…perfect race recovery to keep the legs loose, am I right?)

Monday and Tuesday turned into strength and abs. No running involved-I had HUGE knots in the legs and had several hot dates with the foam roller that just about left in tears. However, all worth it-legs were ready to go for their next run.

Wednesday was a morning to eat intervals for breakfast. And I did – 5x7minutes @ 8:00/mile pace with 2 minute recoveries. Happy to report I did not die. Nor did I puke. Felt strong most of the way less a strange twinge in the right shin area. Left after the workout-so odd. Oh, and this? All on a treadmill, I like a constant pace when attempting to be speedy. Plowed through an episode of Parenthood and part of Glee-Hulu on the phone is such a treat and becoming a necessity to fight the monotony. Although, watching the older gentlemen of the gym play their man-on-man basketball is a bit humorous 🙂

Thursday was a rest day. I love them 🙂 And thank goodness for that, because today brought some more speeeeeed. Except this one I tackled, wait for it…on the TRACK.


Track workout essentials: your workout + giant water bottle (and in this case, pants!)

Boy, does that take you back-I was not a track star. Forced into running hurdles I never got to show my star potential in the 400 or 800. Rude. The intervals today were progressive 😛 2×600, 2×800, 2×1000 – with instructions to run FAST. Too bad the wind was a brat and made the back half of the track a bit tougher than necessary. I ran this workout in mostly dark which was a good test of pacing myself. Although, when you’re running at an “am-I-going-to-die?” kind of pace you just kind of push. Happy to report that all intervals came in mid-7’s. Could I have gone faster? Maybe. I blame the drag from my ponytail and my pants 🙂 Pants, you say? Yes-my warm-up included going back to my car to grab some lounge pants I had packed for the weekend and wouldn’t have normally been in there because I wore shorts. Apparently 47 and windy is CHILLY. Loving the temps though-just need to adjust the wardrobe!

I’m trying to learn to recover more efficiently and quickly. Enter: the fruit smoothie.

Don't worry mom-I was at a stop sign. And yes, it was still dark when I finished my workout.

Still experimenting with my favorites but whipped this one up last night: frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries (yu-um!), a pear, banana and a crap ton of almond milk (my new favorite). I’m thinking pears don’t like smoothies because they refuse to breakdown thus leaving a few chunks 😛 Experimenting will continue…

And because everybody loves self-portraits, proof of the baggy pants.

These pants are awesome. For yoga and lounging. Not running fast. Lesson learned.

Notice the super awesome arm crease sweat marks. Yep, 47 degrees and I’m still sweating-jealous? (P.S. the tank top underneath was just as you’d suspect-super awesome in all things sweaty). I will say I was sporting a new headband from here-love the bright color and it stayed on through wind and my super speediness (ha!). Cute colors (which are different from when I ordered), not insanely priced, probably going to need more. (Thanks Purpleshoe for the recommendation!)

I’m off to a sweet weekend with some fabulous ladies and wine. Happy Friday!

{run strong.}