This post is long overdue (marathon training+life=busy girl!) but there’s a new running buddy in my life. Meet him:

Who’s that you ask? Why, it’s my 1BandID Ray! As part of Team PRS Fit I was hooked up with this sweet wearable ID. This is an item that I have meant to add to my running gear collection for quite some time but just never got it done-don’t ask why, just lazy? So I was pumped when our team was generously given a chance to try them out.

Fits so nice and snug.

The best thing about the 1BandID is that it’s just that – one band. I don’t have to strap anything extra on or worry about switching it when I switch shoes – basically I can’t lose it! I wear my Garmin for every outside workout and race I do so it’s always with me.

Red+Orange=my running buddies!

It handily velcros around the strap of my Garmin. I thought at first it would be bulky and bother me but I haven’t even noticed. I think Monte (my Garmin-what? you don’t name your electronics?) would actually look a bit naked now without Ray!

You can also customize your color and exactly what it says on there. So I of course put my basic info along with the husband’s number and my daddy’s – I figure one of them will answer in the event something happens

Ray in action!

! And bonus-I had room to put my little running mantra on there to remind myself to run smart and strong (something I have to remind myself a lot of when doing hard/long workouts and races!).

I was also happy to see our team name on there as well-a nice surprise!

If you’re looking for a no hassle way to be safe when you’re outside running, biking, hiking (or anything with your Garmin!) this is the ID for you. I feel silly for not having gotten something like this sooner but feel a bit safer when running in the dark and know that if something DID happen I wouldn’t be the anonymous girl!

So check ’em out: or on Twitter or Facebook.
And because they’re awesome and I love a good deal you can save with this discount:

Christmas is coming so maybe this is the perfect gift for the athlete in your life! (or a present to yourself-I love those!)

{run strong.}

*I was given my 1BandID as part of Team PRS Fit. I just wanted to share an awesome product and give come love-all thoughts are mine*